28th Feb2009

Spread Betting & Free Online Sports Betting

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One of the best ways to make money from free online sports betting is via spread betting, but be careful not to make yourself liable for more than you could win! This article explains the theories behind spread betting and tips on how to maximise your profits.

Getting Started via Free Online Sports Betting Offers

You can find many offers for free online sports betting that revolve around spread betting. How does spread betting work?

Basically the bookmaker such as Sporting Index will look at historical data and offer a ‘buying price’ and a ‘selling price’ for each market.

For example, if there is a game being played between two teams that normally win a large number of corners, then they may offer a price to ‘buy’ at 14 corners. They may then offer a price of 15 to ‘sell’ at.

In other words, if you think there are going to be more occurrences of what the bookies offer then you would buy, and if you think they have over-stated the amount you would sell.

For every £1 that you buy or sell at, you will then win or lose money. If there are 10 corners in the match and you have ‘bought’ at 14 then you would lose £4. If you ‘sell’ at 15 then you would win £5.

This form of betting is an excellent way to make some money, but make sure you do your homework and don’t just always bet with your ‘gut feelings’. Many free online sports betting sites find this a useful cash-cow for people who like to take large risks – don’t get caught into that trap.

How Do I Maximise My Profits?

But how do I get free online sports betting money from these companies? Well, the larger firms such as Sporting Index will offer £100 (for example) as a free bet which is payable after you have bet a certain amount of money – maybe 5 bets that would have a liability of £20 each. Be aware though, that you could indeed lose all 5 bets – make sure you don’t bet on a market where you could lose more money than you have to be liable for.

What do we mean by this? If the “number of cards awarded in a match” is quoted to buy and sell at “4” in a game that is notoriously fractious (such as Real Madrid v Barcelona) or is being refereed by a particularly card-happy ref then you may decide to buy, betting £5 on each unit.

This works well for you as if there are 0 (£20 liability), 1 (£15), 2 (£10), or 3 (£5) cards then you would lose money as described within the brackets. If there are 4 cards then you win or lose nothing. For every unit above 5 you would then win £5. Your liability is, as a maximum, £20 though.

This also works with all sports – you can basically bet on whatever market you can think of, be it from the number of points achieved by a player in a single frame of snooker to the distance between the winner and runner-up in a single horse race.


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