Betting Advice and Tips

Betting Tips and Advice

We here at have written a few guides that will assist you in maximising your profits when putting bets on football matches.

Betfair Trading

Some of our customers have, in the past, asked for advice about how Betfair works so as to avoid making mistakes when ‘backing’ or ‘laying’ bets. This can be found at the following link:

The Betfair Betting Guide

Understanding Betting Odds

Many people have been used to gambling in either decimals or fractions – especially if they are new to online gambling and see decimals as purely an American habit. See below a link to a guide to understanding the differences between them:

Understanding and Using Sporting Odds

Assistance in Maximising Your Winnings

I have written further guides on how to maximise your winnings and also how to understand the free bets that many companies offer.

Free football Tips – Maximising Your Winnings

Be wary of certain bookmakers that offer seemingly great deals but don’t advertise certain elements of their qualifying terms and conditions very clearly when advertising them.

Free Football Bet Advice

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