12th Feb2012

Taking Advantage of Free Football Bets

by admin

What are free football bets, and how can we take advantage of them without wasting the cash they are offering to customers? Read on for some hints and tips on how to maximise the free football bets offered by leading bookmakers.

What are “Free Football Bets” and why do bookmakers offer them?

Everyone will have seen adverts both on the internet and TV from bookmakers offering free football bets, be it introductory offers or special offers for those who have accounts already.

Bookmakers will offer free football bets to “suck you in” to become one of their customers of course! Free football bets are normally won by new customers around 30% of the time and are then followed up customers wasting the free bet winnings by continuing to gamble away the money in their account.

The offers of free football bets for new customers tend to be introductory offers such as a “free £25 bet”- this will normally mean that the customer will need to open an account, bet £25 on an outcome and have the amount returned to them if they lose. If the bet wins then you will win only the profit from your free football bet, not the original free stake.

Other bookmakers will insist that customers put £25 (for example) on a bet at certain odds before being eligible for a free football bet that they can then put on an outcome – again at odds of their choice such as at least 2/1.

Bookmakers such as Paddy Power will offer money-back guarantees if, for example, Wayne Rooney scores a goal. This is a gimmick that creates publicity for them – even if they do lose money by offering a free football bet like this they will generate enough new customers via advertising to recoup any losses.

For that reason we need to be careful that we take advantage of any free football bets that are offered.

How do you take advantage of Free Football Bets?

Firstly, if you do want to actually make money from free football bets then take into account whether you want to play for fun or make some actual money no matter how small the reward.

To give yourself an advantage over the bookies consider the following:

Are you a risk taker? It may be easy to go with your gut feelings and put your entire free football bet on one team to beat another, but consider the fact that an awful lot of bookmakers are offering bets such as these. By betting on events at around 2/1 (the usual minimum odds for free football bets) you can open many accounts across the companies and make some almost guaranteed money.

What are the terms and conditions of the free football bet? Some bookmakers insist that you spend a certain amount in further bets before you can withdraw your free football bet winnings for example.

Are you using your free football bet too quickly? Have you signed up to a bookmakers and feel you should place your bet on an event or match that you actually don’t have too much knowledge about? Maybe it would be better to save your free football bet for a game that you think might offer better odds, or you are more confident about the outcome. For example, would you want to bet on Manchester United to win away from home (where during the 2010/11 season they were midway down the ‘away performances’ table) or put a bet on them to win at home, where they have won almost every game?

Consider historical data. Are there matches where the bookies have actually got their odds wrong and we can take advantage with our free football bet? For example, the recent game between Chelsea and Everton:

Chelsea were 1/5 on with most bookmakers, meaning for every £1 bet on the event there would be returns of 20p if it won. Not great. Everton were around 8/1 to win, with the draw at around 4/1.

Now anyone who had looked at the last 6 season’s results between the teams would have seen that every game had ended in a draw. Worth a punt on a draw?

The game ended 1-1.

A little bit of homework can go a long way for those wanting to use their free football bet for much higher returns!


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