12th Feb2012

Free Football Tips – Helping you to Maximise Your Winnings

by admin

There are a huge number of betting options available to customers of online bookmakers, and this article will provide some free football tips that will assist you in understanding how you can maximise your winnings.

Free Football Tips – Study the Home and Away League Tables

Many gamblers will use their free bets to put money on teams that ‘should’ win their games (i.e. using their heart over their heads), but you should really use all statistics at your disposal.

As well as the form table, which gives the league form of clubs over an 8-game period you should also look at the home and away table. Some teams are great at home, but dreadful away. Take Stoke City as a case in point, who have won half their home games and sit 8th in the ‘home table’, but who sit 19th in the ‘away’ league table, winning just 3 of 16 matches.

So, if a free bet requires you to put a bet on a match that is seen as ‘equal’ between two teams, then you should in this case bet for Stoke at home, but against if they play away.

Free Football Tips – Bookings

With players getting booked for the heinous crime of taking their shirts off when they score, the bookings market can make you some money via your free bet. Has the referee got a record throughout the season of booking or sending off a lot of players? Are there players that have been picked that regularly get booked? Has the game got a history of players getting sent off, such as Manchester United v Liverpool or Real Madrid v Barcelona?

Free Football Tips – Both Teams To Score

This is a relatively new, but very popular method of betting that has the possibility of giving large returns. To win, simply choose a match where you believe that both teams will score a goal and cross your fingers.

To have the edge with your bet then look at recent games involving both teams and consider any suspensions to any key players in the full-back or central midfield positions especially. Most attacks from teams will be taking place either on the wings or via attacking midfielders, so missing key players could give an advantage to your ‘both teams to score’ bet.

Free Football Tips – Historical Data

This has already been covered in the ‘Taking Advantage’ section, but is important. The turnover over the top teams is quite low in the Premier League especially, so there is plenty of historical data to study.

As mentioned previously, a good example is when a team at the top regularly struggles against a perceived smaller team, with odds favouring a shock that seems to occur every season. Liverpool regularly fail to beat Wigan at home for example, as do Chelsea when playing Everton.

Looking closely at any statistics that you can get hold of is therefore a great chance to make some extra money. This information really does provide some great free football tips and should be taken advantage of whenever possible!


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